you can Order prints from my selection of fine art prints  in the exact size you need. 

all prints are autographed and limited.


The limitations depend on the size of the image

There are 4 limitation plans:

S: less than 0,2m² = 25 pieces

M: less than 0,5 m² = 25 pieces

L: less than 1,5 m² = 25 pieces

XL: more than 2 m² = 3 pieces

minimum side length 20cm  


The net price is 3000,-€ per m² including shipping, without a frame.

The prints come on HAHNEMÜHLE Photo Rag 308.

It is a fine art inkjet paper used for highest standards as museums have.


Price examples:

20x30cm  (0,06m²) = 180,- € 

20x80cm  (0,16m²) = 480,- € 

40x50cm  (0,20m²) = 600,- €

40x60cm  (0,24m²) = 720,- €  

30x120cm   (0,35m²) = 1.080,-€

50x100 cm  (0,50m²) = 1500,- € 

130x200cm  (2,60m²) = 7800,-€


Contact me, if you wish a fine art print of an image that is not in the fine art print selection or if you have any question. I'm happy to help you.


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