freelance photographer since 1993


Photography came to me when I was not yet a teenager. My head was full of ideas; I loved telling stories. My father collected old cameras and showed me how to handle them. Photography became my mode of creative expression, my friends the actors in my photographic stories.

At the age of 13 I built a darkroom in my bedroom. In order to afford film, chemicals, and photo paper, I had (next to my schoolwork) a part-time job as a paperboy and drum teacher.

After finishing school, I worked in photo studio of the Hamburg-based photographer Kay Degenhard, and as a sales assistant for photo lab supplies. From  1991-93, I did my photography apprenticeship at the Lette-Verein Berlin. I was the first student to submit a digital-editing-based work for a semester final project. In 1993, alongside four other photographers, I opened the photo studio Z21 in Berlin Mitte, and have worked since then as a freelance photographer.

For me, this profession means being attentive and observant, recognizing connections and empathizing with your subject. Like an passionate, spiritual teacher, it shows me the world: both the tangible, material world as well as the magical, immaterial. For almost 40 years, I've been its pupil. I have learned that my work can make me and others happy--not just as a photographer, but as a human being.

For me, photography is like a treasure hunt. Something awakes by interest. I forge plans, I gear up, and leave the familiar path. Every photo shoot is a unique experience. In it lies the treasure I seek to uncover. 

"Using carefully planned staging, Sven takes everyday occurrences beyond the realm of banality, to inspire in his pictures spectators an awareness of the psychology and emotion contained in real-life situations.

His work can be described as documentary photography mixed with the fictional worlds of cinema and advertising, which creates a powerful link between reality, fantasy and desire."

Alexander Farshim

ME AND MY DAD ON A flea market FOR old PHOTO CAMERAS - 1982



2007 Tokyo Stories, Ladengalerie Melange, Berlin
2001 Short Cuts #2, John Bull Gallery Tokio/ Japan
2001 Short Cuts #1, Sakiland, Yamasaki/Japan
1999 Arround Eclypse, Zweiteilige Ausstellung, Galerie Eisdieler, Berlin
1996 Irrealitäten Realitaten, Galerie Kunstmetzgerei, Berlin
1991 Kulissen einer Heimat, Kleines Theater, Bargteheide
1990 Der Reiz. Die Idee. Das Bild. Kulturstellwerk Bargteheide


2002 Hanayo - On Stage With Pain Cake, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
1998 Lara Croft goes Art, Hamburg, Paris, Berlin
1998 Fotospektiven, Art Media Center TV- Gallery, Moskau und Galerie im Marstall, Berlin
1995 Projektionen aus der Zukunft, Chromapark im E-Werk, Berlin
1996 Archetypen der Lust, Berlin


Ogilvy & Mather, Springer Jakobi M.E.C.H 


Playboy, Style Mag, Lodown, Format, The Guardian


Fila, Swatch, Puma, Jacobs, DaimlerChrysler Japan


NY, San Francisco, Tokyo, Moskau, Paris, London, Bukarest, Benares, Jerusalem, Marrakech