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2012 I traveled through Morocco for 10 days working for Wickinger Reisen as a photographic tourist guide. It was my 3rd time in this beautiful country. I was fascinated by the vivacity of the life on the streets: all around me, people working, talking, laughing, haggling, shouting, discussing, repairing things, playing and hanging around together. It was as though I found myself back in an age before computers, western fashion trends and multinational corporations conquered our everyday life. 

Admittedly: many of the people in Morocco are poor and will never have the money to travel around the world. But even though they are poor and in sub-par health from our perspective, they spread vitality and gentleness around them — perhaps because they have the protection and support of their community to sustain them.

I spent time with craftsmen in Marrakesh; visited Le Jardin Majorelle, created by Yves Saint Laurent; spent an afternoon with locals on the outskirts of Marrakesh; took a day trip to the mountain village of Tafza; hung out at the Essaouira harbor and watched the boatbuilders at work; crossed the Atlas Mountains and visited the Kasbah of Ait Benhadou; went to a Berber market at Dades Valley; and spent time at the incredible film Studios of Quarzazate. On the way back to Marrakesh, I met three berber girls who did not want to let me leave. But my time here was over. 




Le Jardin Majorelle


Village of Tafza


An afternoon with locals on the outskirts of Marrakesh


On the way to Essaouira 


Essaouira harbor


The boatbuilders of Essaouira 


Crossing the Atlas Mountains and visiting the Kasbah of Ait Benhadou


Going to a Berber market at Dades Valley


The film Studios of Quarzazate


The way back over the Atlas Mountains

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Fashion Shooting - the making of Lukas Werlich, 16, and my son Amon, 17, shoot the production with Kaska Hass and ARTE. 

Now Lukas surprised me with that wonderful edited making of. Enjoy.

Thank you Lukas!


Fashion Shooting with Kaska Hass, Berlin 2017

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PR portrait shooting with Hannes Bieger For his new electronic music releases I photographed Hannes Bieger in his studio in front of his wonderful Moog System 35 modular synthesizer and on location, the Umspannwerk Prenzlauer Berg. 

Wonderful teamwork, wonderful sound maker!


reverse shot © Hannes Bieger

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Performer shooting with Phil and Samira Spring. Time to shoot a lovely couple like Samira and Phil. It wasn't our first time and for sure it won't be the last time.

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Fashion Shooting with couture designer Kaska Hass


All hands on deck! In cooperation with designer Kaska Hass I had a fashion shooting on a x-Berg rooftop garden on May 21st. The production was filmed by ARTE for the TV dokumentaion  "Auf den Dächern der Stadt - BERLIN". It was a bit windy but therefor we had wonderful clouds. 



couture design: Kaska Hass
styling: Kaska Hass & Odile Hautemulle
hair and make up: Andreas Reinsch Projects
hair and make up assistant: Maira
shoes: United Nude
models female: Tiffany, Sacha 
model male: Mano
photo assistant: Bert Löwenherz, Jan Brockhaus, Amon Hagolani
air shots: Amon Hagolani




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