A ten days trip through Morocco

2012 I traveled through Morocco for 10 days working for Wickinger Reisen as a photographic tourist guide. It was my 3rd time in this beautiful country. I was fascinated by the vivacity of the life on the streets: all around me, people working, talking, laughing, haggling, shouting, discussing, repairing things, playing and hanging around together....
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Fashion Shooting - the making of

Lukas Werlich, 16, and my son Amon, 17, shoot the production with Kaska Hass and ARTE. Now Lukas surprised me with that wonderful edited making of. Enjoy. Thank you Lukas! Merken Merken
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PR portrait shooting with Hannes Bieger

For his new electronic music releases I photographed Hannes Bieger in his studio in front of his wonderful Moog System 35 modular synthesizer and on location, the Umspannwerk Prenzlauer Berg. Wonderful teamwork, wonderful sound maker! reverse shot © Hannes Bieger
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Performer shooting with Phil and Samira

Spring. Time to shoot a lovely couple like Samira and Phil. It wasn't our first time and for sure it won't be the last time.
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Fashion Shooting with couture designer Kaska Hass

All hands on deck! I n cooperation with designer Kaska Hass I had a fashion shooting on a x-Berg rooftop garden on May 21st. The production was filmed by ARTE for the TV dokumentaion "Auf den Dächern der Stadt - BERLIN". It was a bit windy but therefor we had wonderful clouds. THE CREW couture design: Kaska Hass styling: Kaska Hass & Odile Haute...
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